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Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

If you've been following closely you maybe have seen this already.

A couple of years ago we began experimenting with pouches as a way to reduce the amount of packaging material we use. 

This fall we say goodbye to the ice-cube trays we've used for over 20 years and say hello to our new 1 - ounce freezies. 

When it goes on sale this fall each box will contain 5 individual 1 oz servings. The perfect amount to have all your weekdays covered!

Perfectly Portioned
5 ounces - one for each week day.


There's no simpler way to make sure you get your greens each day then to start with a shot of wheatgrass. 

We know life is busy, that's why we've put 5 shots in each box so you can start every day with a little kick to get you going.

Find a Store that carries our Wheatgrass

Find a store near you.

We're in stores across the country, its easy to find a store near you with our handy store locator. 
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