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Family Friendly End of Summer Activities

Summer's almost over! (If summer vacation is already over for some of you, I'm sorry. But there's always next year!) Maybe you haven't done many family outings this year, or maybe you have and you're looking for a few more ideas. Here's a list of family friendly activities to do before summer ends:


Picnic's are inexpensive, fun, and still allow your different family members to enjoy different activities. Your artist can find new inspiration and your athlete can run at full-tilt. Make an event of it by going to a park or special place you don't get to visit often. Don't forget to pack your wheatgrass juice!


Drive-ins are a great family friendly experience that makes going out to see a movie different and very memorable. Lots of smaller communities still have a drive-in somewhere nearby. I had the joy of finding one near Barrie, Ontario recently. If you live in one of those areas that no longer has a drive-in within a reasonable distance, lots of cities, community centers, or even malls do outdoor movie nights! Check local blogs and newsletters to find some.


I don't mean the one around the corner. Spending time in nature has been shown to help reduce stress-levels. This is great for families that need a change of pace and a little more peace. For Canada 150, a free parking pass is available for national parks. If you're not in Canada or nowhere near a national park, there are plenty of provincial/state parks that have really reasonable day-use fees (under $15). Just remember to bring food, drinks, bug spray, possibly toilet paper, and to leave nature as you found it.


Think of this option as both a challenge and an experience. I find I connect best with my family when I consciously choose to ignore my tech. (Including the TV!) Board games are making a comeback and are a great way for the family to have some fun. If you have an over-competitive family member, there are lots of cooperative board games that can stop a sore loser from spoiling the fun. All for one and one for all!

Don't have many board games? Check out a board game cafe, go out to a museum or gallery, or connect over some other low-tech activities like crafts, cooking, or music. There really are a lot of options, don't believe me? Check Pinterest.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it gives you a few new ideas for some quality family time. Enjoy these last days of summer!


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