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This is our blog. Here you can learn more about Evergreen, wheatgrass and some helpful tips on getting and staying healthy.


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Gift Ideas for Your Health Nut - Part 2

The holidays are rapidly approaching. If you have a few health nuts you want to purchase gifts for you may want to look at our original list. If you've already read that, then have a look at this little extension! Happy shopping!

Skin Care

Men and women need skin care products, especially in winter. Here are a few great ones!

Body Butter

Love a good DIY? Make some yourself using this recipe! (Or visit Jane + Thunder Apothecary)

Beard Balm

For your bearded friend. Available on their website.

Activated Charcoal Face Mask

For those who want clearer skin or an excuse to treat themselves. Available on Amazon.

Hand Salve

For any hard worker in your life. Available on Amazon.

House & Home

It's always nice to visit friends or family and see a gift you gave on display in their home. Here are a few that might earn that shelf space.


Preferably ones with known health benefits. Available at your local nursery or IKEA.

Fruit Bowl

For that friend who complains about not eating enough fruits and veggies. Available on Amazon.

Silicone Food Storage Bag

For those who don't like beeswax wraps but want to save the planet. Available on Amazon.

Cook Book

Find a cook book that suits their diet or dietary tendencies. This one covers several and is available on Amazon.

Show that You Really Care

Really listen to your friend or family member. A lot of people are tight for cash around the holidays. Pay attention over the next little while. They'll probably mention something they've been looking at and won't be picking up anytime soon. Check your bank balance and see if it's something you can get for them.


If your loved one wants a gift that you cannot afford on your own, talk to their friends and family and see if you can go in on an gift together. I did this for my husband's birthday present this year and it was a great success. PayPal has a great option for this. You create a goal and then send the link to those who you want involved. When the fundraising is done you can add it to your PayPal funds or directly to your bank account.

Happy Giving!

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