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This is our blog. Here you can learn more about Evergreen, wheatgrass and some helpful tips on getting and staying healthy.


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Fight that Cold with Food

That time of year has started in our home. The little one gets sick, then dad, then mom, then it all repeats. When you have a child younger than 6 in the house a lot of conventional pharmaceuticals are not an option or are in the "use very sparingly" category. So I thought I would share a few of our go to foods when someone is feeling under the weather.


In 2009 a study showed that those having roughly 4 tablespoons of honey a day during a cold got over their colds more quickly than those using decongestants and anti-pyretics. Honey can also help suppress coughs. An added bonus is that honey tastes great too! So even your picky toddler will probably like having this added to their cold fighting repertoire. This comes with the usual disclaimer, not to be given to a child younger than 1 year.


Staying hydrated is an important part of illness recovery, but if you're sick of water you may want to try tea. Chamomile, peppermint, rosehip, ginger, and green teas (as well as many other teas) all boast different benefits that may help you get over a cold. Just be sure to do your research into the symptom that you want to relieve and be extra diligent if it is for a child. There are some herbs that should be avoided for potential adverse side effects in young children but would pose little risk to a generally healthy adult.


My family migrated to Canada after WWII from a small Baltic country and some of their home remedies came with them. The main one being, eat garlic and onion. Both foods fight bacteria and garlic also has anti-fungal properties. Now I'm not recommending my grandfather's method of eating these vegetables raw, but they are great additives to a broth or a soup and may help you get better a little faster. (I blend portions of my soups so our little one can get picky over a specific food.)

Wishing you a happy and healthy fall and winter! If you're looking for some foods to help you maintain your health, we have another short list for you here.




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